Laboratory of theoretical problems of physical electronics
Our research interests
• Electron transport in micron-size and nanometer size conductors
• Low-dimensional electron systems with different kinds of interactions
• Topological insulators
• Nonequilibrium fluctuations and electric noise
• Quantum metamaterials
Our people:
K. E. Nagaev ,
Dr.Sci., head of the laboratory,
• S. N. Artemenko,
Dr.Sci., principal research fellow
A. Ya. Shulman ,
Ph.D., leading research fellow
Optical transitions between the edge
• A. F. Polupanov,
Dr.Sci., leading research fellow,
states of a 2D topological insulator
Diagrams for the S-matrix of a barrier in a quantum wire with
V. F. Kholodnov ,
Dr.Sci., leading research fellow,
V Kaladzhyan, PP Aseev and
interacting electrons. AV Borin and KE Nagaev, Phys. Rev. B
• S. V. Remizov,
Ph.D., research fellow
SN Artemenko, Phys. Rev. B (2015)
• D. V. Posvyanskii,
research fellow
D. S. Shapiro ,
Ph.D., junior research fellow,
T. V. Krishtop ,
Ph.D., junior research fellow ,
• P. P. Aseev,
Ph.D., junior research fellow
V. O. Kaladzhyan ,
research assistant,
Electron spectra of a two-channel
quantum wire with spin-orbit coupling.
Sketch of a quantum point contact.
KE Nagaev and AS Goremykina,
TV Krishtop and KE Nagaev,
Phys. Rev. B (2014)
J. Phys.: Condens. Matter (2013)