Shulman (Shulman) Alexander Ya.

Position: leading research scientist
Scientific degree: Ph.D. in Physics of Semiconductors & Dielectrics
Academic title: Senior research scientist in Physics of Solid State


1963 - Diploma in Radiophysics, graduate with a first-class honors degree, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
1970 - PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Academy of Sciences of USSR, Moscow

Scientific works:

Official list of scientific papers 211 (pdf)
Published papers 187
a partial list with abstracts and full texts are available here: Research Gate)
Articles in scientific journals 76
Reports on International Conferences 53 on 39 conferences
Reports on USSR and Russian Conferences 57 on 36 conferences
USSR Patents -3
oreign Patents -4

Scientific topics:

Theoretical Physics
Mathematical Physics
Experimental Physics
Applied Physics