Netware for UNIX

Instructions for Using Novell Product Profiles

The Product Profiles are designed to serve as a quick, easy-to-use reference sales tool. They provide product information for sales situations focused on Novell products and services. Although the information in the Profiles is accurate, the Profiles are not designed to teach product knowledge or to express current Novell policies and procedures. The Product Profiles are provided to assist in the practice, application, a development of Novell selling skills.

Successful professional selling requires a sales person to first identify the needs of a prospect or customer which can be met by Novell products or services. The next step is to communicate to the prospect or customer how Novell products and services meet those needs. Needs are derived from the goals which have been assigned to the prospect or customer through his or her position and from the problems or potential problems which could prevent the achievement of those goals.

The Product Profiles are divided into major categories of needs such as Data Protection, Security, Openness, Ease of Use, etc. Within each category you will find two different types of pages; presentation and product features.

The presentation page gives a presentation outline to help you present information to the prospect or customer. This page also contains references listing sources of information for this category.

The product feature pages give specific product information. The information is divided into four columns: the left column represents a Need which could be realistically expressed by customers in the selling situation. The next column contains the appropriate Features of the Novell product or service which relate to the corresponding need. The next column contains the appropriate Benefit which serves as a bridge between the customer's need and the Novell feature that meets that need. The right column indicates whether competitive products contain similar features.

Product Profile NetWare for UNIX v3.1x

Problem/Goal                                            Page Located

Data Protection/System Reliability                        2
Security                                                               4
Performance                                                        6
Openness                                                            8
Ease of Use                                                        12
Accounting                                                         14
Application Support                                            16                           
Print Services                                                      18 
Education                                                            20

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