Проспект фирмы SUN "Petroleum Industry Enterprise Solutions"

"Sun's commitment to open systems and quality products means that I can have confidence in running my entire company on their architecture, from technical applications that empower our engineers and scientists to enterprise-wide solutions that keep the business running!'

-Bob Giles. Manager of Information Technology, Gulf Canada

It starred in exploration and production, where geologists, geophysicists, and petroleum engineers discovered they could use Sun's open systems computer platform to make better drilling decisions and maximize reservoir yields.
Today, technical and business professionals in all divisions - from transportation and supply to refining and marketing- are using our high-performance, easy-to-use systems to share information and ideas, to commu-nicate and work together in ways that simply weren't possible before.
As petroleum companies everywhere push responsibilities further down ever-flattening corporate hierarchies and redeploy assets to pursue new international opportunities, information systems must be able to adapt to frequent changes in business practices. Sun's offering of a homogenous operat-ing environment across a broad, fully compatible product line provides solutions that can keep pace with your changing business requirements.

Open systems open new possibilities.

Unlike other vendors' incompatible. proprietary systems - which have made it difficult for petroleum companies to unlock computing's true potential- our open systems strategy enables you to place precisely the right processing power, data, and applications into precisely the right hands. Which is why we call this approach "rightsizing."
Rightsizing is based on the client-server model of computing, where desktop "clients" are linked to powerful servers that store and manipulate information. Because rightsizing lets you keep - and extend the value of- the equipment you already have, it's not only cost-effective, its also profitable. With immediate access to the same data, people throughout the organiza-tion can work together much more effectively- across functions, even across continents. Which is why petroleum companies around the world are implementing Sun's client-server computing strategy to improve individual productivity as well as to successfully run the entire business.

Hardware and software that work hard, wear well.

At Sun, we concentrate our efforts on one line of industry-Standard, open systems. This singular focus enables us co add value in areas where we do best. Which means chat with Sun'sysrems, your company can do its best, too.
All Sun hardware is built around the SPARC'microprocessor-the first scalable processor design chac excels in
even' size svscem, from nocebook co supercompucer. And all Sun systems run Solaris,' che induscrvs most powerful distributed UNIX' operating environ-menc. While we offer jusc one product line, ic's a very broad one. Delivering oucstanding price performance, our affordable deskrop SPARCstation" systems range from entry-level work-stations to powerful multiprocessing computers. And our SPARCserver" systems range from single-processor desktop computers to 20-way multipro-cessing SPARCcenter'systems that deliver mainframe capacity at as little as one-tenth the cost. This unprecedented low-cost power means that you can move even your most complice-intensive applications, such as seismic processing, from traditional mainframes and supercomputers to our open systems.
Working on desktops at oil and gas companies throughout the world, Sun workstations deliver the perfor-mance, memory, and accelerated graphics you need for your job- but have to pay extra for in a PC. And our workstations include features PCs usually don't provide, such as multipro-cessing, multithreading, built-in networking, and an easy growth path to even higher-performance desktop systems.
Even with all this power, you can keep right on working with your favorite applications. You'll find that they work the same way-only better. You can also take advantage of thou-sands of other software packages currently available for SPARC systems. And because Sun systems are already the popular choice of the petroleum industry, software vendors typically develop new applications for our platform first.
In response to customer demand for consistent technologies across multiple platforms, Sun has joined other leading vendors to create the Common Open Software Environment and will offer both Mocif2 and OPEN EOOK' graphical user interfaces as well as support for ONC-," DCE, and NefWiire^ networking products.
Our computers not only work hard, they wear well, too. Sun systems can be upgraded easily and economi-cally. All are equipped for advances in distributed processing, multimedia, and more. So you can simply incorporate new technologies as they emerge, protecting your current and future investments.