April 1994, V. XI, N. 14



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cover story

Not Just a PC on Steroids   42
Most folks assocciate superservers with LAN consolidation. But now users are discovering that this beefy class of multiprocessing, "fault-tolerant" PC servers handle databases just as well as mainframes and minicomputings.
By Natali Engler and David Linthicum


The CDE Developers' Shotgun Marriage   50
Programmers at four competing Unix software vendors are working together on what may be the last chance for Unix on the corporate desktop. Here's an inside look at how they're getting it done.
By Alice G. LaPlante

MIS Cash Cows   56
Throughout corporate America, MIS shops are being asked to contribute to the bottom line by turning their data center into a profit center. Many are trying and some are even succeeding.
By Jonathan Littman

Parallel Crossing  65 
RDBMS vendors have discovered multithreading and parallel processing. The trouble is it may mean more work for database administrators and developers.
By Lisa Stapleton


New Products  69

CDE: Don't Worry, Be Happy   75 
COSE's Common Desktop Environment goes a long way toward establishing a standard Unix interface that's easy enough for novice users to master.
By Richard Raucci

Virtual Reality Gets Real   77
Once an expensive toy, virtual reality is turning into a practical real-world tool.
Reviewed by Walter Zintz

Stalking the Perfect Office    81
Wordperfect Office 4.0 eases Unix users into the enterprise.
By Tom Yager

An Express Solution    85
For small networks requiring on-demand links to other networks or the Internet, the Morning Star Express router is the right solution
By Rik Farrow

Sharing the Secrets of NFS File Servers   89

There's plenty to debate about NFS-from benchmarks to reliability-but users agree that it's a business saver. Here's what to look for.
By Juli Cortino

hands-on help

Introduction   95
Warm fuzzy feelings

Batching in the UNIX Environment   97
Batch processing in Unix is easily implemented with publicy available software tht helps you spread the workload among several systems.
A Perl program that summaries information fom the HoneyDanBer UUCP logs and a Korn shell random-number generator

Wizard's Grabbag   103
A Perl program that summaries information fom the HoneyDanBer UUCP logs and a Korn shell random-number generator 

Answers to UNIX    109
Creating new process groups for controlling child processes, and a security and shell-programming tip

The PC-UNIX Connection   113
Are you taking up residence in the cyberhood? Hooking up to the Internet doesn't always  mean  skipping the rent


Open Minded    11
A perfect desktop?
Mail    12
Reality Check    33
A pox on LAN naysayers
By Marc Dodge
In Analysis   35
Superhighway roadkill
By Michael Goulde
Meanwhile, in Europe    37
MIS in Europe: How different can it be?
By Joshua Greenbawn
Logout    120
Techie dream dates

Open Computing Contact Information   6
Contributors   6
Advertisers'Index  104

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