КНИГИ 151-200:

Application Environment Specification : Operating System Programming Interfaces, Open Software Foundations
Applications Environment Specification (Aes) Distributed Computing
Open Software Foundation Staff

Barter Systems : A Business Guide for Trade Exchanges : A New Way to Offset Start-Up Expenses, Reduce Inventories, Conserve Cash Flow, and Open New m
Roger Langrick

Building an Open System
Jacob Slonim

Buy It : Risk in Open Systems

CIMOSA : open system architecture for CIM

Communications for manufacturing : proceedings of the Open Congress 4-7 September 1990, Stuttgart, Germany

Design of the Osf/1 Operating System : Release 1.2 (Osf/1 Operating System)
Open Software Foundation

Distributed Application Services (Open Framework)
John Brenner(Editor)

Document Architecture in Open Systems : The Oda Standard
Wolfgang Appelt

Flow Measuring Flumes for Open Channel Systems
Marinus G. Bos, et al

Flow measuring flumes for open channel systems
Marinus Gijsberthus Bos

Focus on Open View : A Guide to Hewlett-Packard's Network and Systems Management Platform
Nathan J. Muller

Global Total Least Squares : A Method for the Construction of Open Approximate Models from Vector Time Series (Tinbergen Institute Research, 88)
Berend Roorda

Implementing new technologies : strategies for client/server, object oriented, open systems, networks and database
G. Berton Latamore

Implementing Open Systems (The McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications)
Daniel R. Perley

Information Management (Open Framework)
Michael H. Kay

Information Retrieval Application Service Definition and Protocol Specification for Open Systems Interconnection : Abstract : Approved July 29, 1992

Innovation in Electronic Mail : Towards Open Information Networks : Perspectives on Innovation Policy
Peter H.M. Vervest

International open systems 87 : proceedings of the international conference held in London, March 1987

International open systems 88 : proceedings of the conference held in London, April 1988

The logic of open field systems
Rex C. Russell

Multimedia/Hypermedia in Open Distributed Environments : Proceedings of the Eurographics Symposium in Graz, Austria, June 6-9, 1994 (Eurographics)
Wolfgang Herzner, Frank Kappe (Editor)

Open Boot Command Reference/Version 2.X
Michael Meehan, Nancy Boylan (Editor)

Open Computing's Best Unix Tips Ever
Kenneth H. Rosen, et al

Open Computing's Standard Unix Api Functions (Unixworld's Open Computing Series)
Garrett Long

Open learning : systems and problems in post-secondary education
Norman Ian MacKenzie

Open learning : systems and problems in post-secondary education
Norman Ian MacKenzie

Open learning systems for mature students : the report of an investigation undertaken for the Council for Educational Technology
Open School, India : the preliminary years, 1979-1983 : a case study
O. S. Dewal

Open Systems (Computer Communication 2)

Open systems : developments & applications : proceedings of the conference held in San Francisco, November 1986

Open Systems and IBM : Integration and Convergence (IBM McGraw-Hill)
Pamela Gray

Open systems for Europe

Open systems impact on the computer industry

Open systems interconnection

Open Systems Interconnection : Its Architecture and Protocols (McGraw-Hill Series on Computer Communications)

Bijendra N. Kain, Ashok K. Agrawala

Open systems interconnection : technical strategies for the 1980s : conference transcript : an information technology conference

Open Systems Networking; TCP/IP and OSI
Dave Piscitello, et al

Organizational behaviour and performance : an open systems approach to change
Allan Warmington

Osf Dce Administration Reference : Revision 1.0 ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
Open Software Foundation / Paperback / Published 1993
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Osf Dce Application Development Guide : Revision 1.0
Open Software Foundation

Osf Dce User's Guide and Reference : Revision 1.0
Open Software Foundation

Osf/1 Network Applications Programmer's Guide : Revision 1.0 (Osf/1 Operating System)
Open Software Foundation

Osf/1 System and Network Administrator's Reference (Osf/1 Series)
Open Software Foundation

Osf/1 User's Guide : Revision 1.0 (Osf/1 Operating System Series)
Open Software Foundation

Osf/Motif Programmer's Reference, Release 1.2, Command M-Z Vol 2
Open Software

Osi : Open Systems Interconnection : Developments and Implementation : Presentations from the First Conference Held in London, April 1985

Performance (Open Framework)
Stewart Sutcliffe(Editor)