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The Institute of Radioengineering and Electronics (IRE) of Russian Academy of Sciences was founded in 1953. It is situated in the building of former Physics Department of Moscow State University at Mokhovaya street not far from the Kremlin. In 1955 a new part of the Institute in the city of Fryazino, 40 km from the centre of Moscow, and then two branches in Saratov and Ulyanovsk were founded.

Director of the Institute is academician Yu.V. Gulyaev

Outstanding scientists in radio science and electronics - academicians A.I. Berg, N.D. Devyatkov, Yu.B. Kobzarev, V.A. Kotelnikov, V.V. Migulin, B.A. Vvedensky,- were organizers of the Institute and leaders of it's first research divisions. Academician V.A.Kotelnikov was the honourable director of the Institute. The main scientific directions of the IRE are fundamental researchs in radio science, physical and quantum electronics, radioengineering, computer science. The Institute carries out applied researchs in the field of development of high technologies and designing of new scientific instruments. A large number of scientific and applied researchers of the Institute are awarded the States Prizes and documented as discoveries and inventions.

The Institute consists of several research divisions, it has Special design bureau and two engineering centres.

At present, when development of science in Russia has many problems, Institute continues to work. In spite of financial difficulties, the most talented and dedicated to science employees develop new research fields and obtain results of first class.

Structure or the instiute:

IRE RAS - Moscow
branch in Fryazino
branch in Saratov
branch in Ulyanovsk

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