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Signal Processing and Telecommunications


Research Activities

  1. Non-linear dynamics of optical and spin waves in magnetically ordered layers and layered structures.
    Investigations include spin wave solitons, cross-phase modulation, pulse compression, shock wave propagation.
  2. Magneto-optics: interaction of propagating light and spin waves in ferromagnetic films and layered structures (including non-linear waves).
  3. Magneto-optics for visualization of magnetic structures: passive magneto-optics.
  4. Magneto-acoustics: interaction between spin and elastic waves.
  5. Magnetic nanostructures (including superconductor layers).
  6. Development and creation of innovative electronic/optical components and microsystems which are capable of providing the connection of companies and individuals to high speed information networks. In particular, passive and active
    spin-wave filters and multiplexers
    magneto-optic Bragg cells are created using the unique properties of magnetostatic waves and vibrations existing in optically transparent ferromagnetic materials. The technology of these components utilises recent physical achievements in the fields of spinwave and vibration processes in solid state layered structures. These components are capable of processing the data streams transmitting at both microwave and millimetrewavelengths.
  7. Telecommunications.
  8. Sound processing and for ATM/STM systems.


S.A. Nikitov , PhD, DSc, Professor - head of the Group
Yu.I. Bespyatykh , PhD - senior researcher
I.E. Dikshtein , PhD, DSc - leading researcher
A.E. Antsiperov , PhD - senior researcher
I. Afanasyeva , PhD student
I. Snegur , PhD student
N. Ponomarev , BSc student


Physics Department, Joule Laboratory, Salford University, UK
AG Festkoerperspektroskopie, Physics Department, Ruhr-University, Bochum, Germany
M2T Lab, CNR, Roma, Italy
Universite Paul Sabatier, ESA-CNRS, Toulouse, France
Department of Physics, Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea
Institute of Physics Gleb Wataghin, University of Campinas, Brasil


Those who graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics andTechnology,
Department of Physical and Quantum Electronics are invited toparticipate
at 35th anniversary of the Department during November 1999 tobe
held in Dolgopa. The metting of mates graduated in 1974 and 1979 willbe held
separately. Your comments and suggestion are welcomed and invited

IRE RAS Research Activities

Research Divisions

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