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Magnetic Resonance and Spin Relaxation in Solids

  • Head of research group: Prof. Dr. V. A. Atsarkin,
    e-mail: atsarkin@mail.cplire.ru
    phone: (7095) 2030156
    Born: 1936 (Moscow).
    Graduated from Phys. Department, Moscow State University (1959).
    Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (1971, IRE RAS).
    Professor of Physics (1989, IRE RAS).
    Head of Laboratory (IRE RAS).
    Author of the monograph "Dynamic nuclear polarization in insulating solids" (Moscow, Nauka, 1980) and about 100 papers on ESR, NMR, spin dynamics and relaxation in insulating solids, high-Tc superconductors, fullerides, etc.
  • Dr. V. V. Demidov, e-mail: demidov@mail.cplire.ru
    Born: 1948 (Moscow).
    Graduated from Moscow Physical and Technical Institute (MPTI) (1972).
    Ph.D., physics and mathematics (1980, IRE RAS).
    Senior scientist (IRE RAS).
    Author of 35 papers on ESR, dynamic nuclear polarization, spin relaxation and superconductivity.

The research group has wide experience in ESR and NMR spectroscopy. Scope of research: spin dynamics and relaxation in solids; study of internal fields, structure, magnetic properties, electronic states and phase transitions in oxide superconductors and fullerides. Equipment: an original home-made apparatus for studying extremely fast electron spin relaxation; Bruker ER-200 ESR spectrometer; facilities for performing experiments at 4.2 - 300 K.

Basic publications:

  • V.A. Atsarkin et al., Phys. Rev. B 52, 1290 (1995);
  • V.A. Atsarkin et al., Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 108, 927 (1995) (English translation: JETP 81, 509 (1995));
  • V.A. Atsarkin et al., Solid State Commun. 98, 977 (1996).

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