Zaitsev Alexander Victorovich

Born: September 6, 1951, in Vladivostok, USSR
Nationality: Russian Federation
Marital status: Married, 1 children
Address: Moscow 125009, Mokhovaya st. 11-7, Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics Russian Academy of Sciences
E-mail: mail to Alexander V. Zaitsev
Tel/Fax: (7495)-629-74-31/(7495)-629-36-78
Alexander V. Zaitsev


  1975 M.Sc. degree from Moscow Physical-Technical Institute
1978 Ph.D. degree from Moscow Physical-Technical Institute, Moscow,
thesis: "Problems of Theory of Non-Equilibrium Processes in Superconducting Structures"


  1978-1986 Junior Research Associate, Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Moscow
1986-present Senior Research Associate Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics RAS, Moscow


Solid State Physics - Superconductivity;
Electron transport and non-equilibrium phenomena in superconductors and superconducting structures

Current research interests:

Electron transport and quantum interference phenomena in superconducting mesoscopic systems: heterostructures and weak links; photon-assisted phenomena in mesoscopic superconducting systems; transport of electron charge and spin in mesoscopic hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet systems.

Other fields of scientific interests:

The method of quantum Green's functions