"Dynamics and non-equilibrium transport in advanced superconducting structures"

Supported by: INTAS, Project number 01-0809
Duration: 2002-2005
Supervisor: Karen Constantinian, IREE RAS, Moscow, Russia

Project consortium

- Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Microelectronics and Nanoscience --Technical University of Denmark, Physics Department

- University of Twente, the Netherlands

- Istituto di Cibernetica del Consiglio Nazionale delle ricerche

- Institute of Solid State Physics RAS

- Moscow State University

- Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics, National Academy of Sciences, Armenia

- Novosibirsk State Technical University

Project objectives

(i)                  Fabrication and experimental study of advanced superconducting SMS junctions with a magnetic barrier (M), created, e.g., by a spin valve structure Ferromagnet -Normal Metal (and/or Insulator) Ferromagnet, or a mesoscopic magnetic dot.

(ii)                Theoretical study of the frequency dependence of charge and spin currents in SMS structures with different types of magnetic barriers, created either by a ferromagnet (F), or a spin-valve structure. Investigation of the nose spectrum in such structures.

(iii)               Theoretical and experimental study of triangular and more complicated arrays of SFS

pi-junctions for application in a topologically stable qubit circuits for quantum computing.

(iv)              Experimental and theoretical study of the dynamics and fluctuation phenomena in the -junction quantum interference device. Design and investigation of the SQUID-based read-out circuits for the phase qubit systems.

(v)                Experimentally study of the current transport, the dynamics, the high frequency conductance and the noise performance of advanced bicrystal YBCO Josephson junctions on sapphire substrates. Modelling of faceted grain-boundary junctions with a d-wave  component of the order parameter in the superconducting electrodes.

(vi)       Theoretically and experimentally study of high frequency dynamics and spectral characteristics of bicrystal Josephson junction arrays in a submm frequency range.