"Novel Nanoscale Devices based on functional Oxide Interfaces"

Supported by: European Comission under the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Community
Duration: September 2006 August 2009
Supervisor: Gennady Ovsyannikov, Dr. of Sci. in Physics, IREE RAS, Moscow, Russia
Participant: Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute Russian Academy of Sciences
Collaborators: 1. National Research Council National Institute for Physics of Matter (CNR-INFM), Italy,
2. University of Geneva, Switzerland,
3. University of Augsburg, Germany,
4. Chalmers Tekniska Hoegskola, Sweden,
5. University of Twente, the Netherlands,
6. University of Cambridge, UK,
7. Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway,
8. CrysTec, Germany


The extended project as the existing one aims to investigate, control and exploit the properties of interfaces between isostructural functional oxides for the realization of new nanosized electronic and optoelectronic devices. New participants will contribute to the characterization and understanding of physical properties of interfaces made of perovskite materials. In particular high frequency dynamical properties, fluctuation phenomena and dielectric spectrum will be carefully studied. The integration of these aspects in NANOXIDE will open fields of crucial importance for the high frequency operation of some of the proposed devices. Nonlinear picosecond electronic transport properties and nonequilibrium shot noise emission in nanostructured interfaces will be investigated in details. The HTS Josephson junctions with critical frequency increased over 1 THz grown on buffered sapphire or tilted NdGaO3 substrates will be realized and investigated. Studies of field effect between ferroelectric and conducting films will be performed in order to extract important information about charge carrier density at nanometer scale. In this respect, the heterostructures with different intermediate layers sandwiched between epitaxial HTS films, manganites or ruthenates will be realized and extensively studied. New participants will contribute also in nanostructuring of engineered interfaces for realization of nanodevices which exploit the high frequency low noise properties of HTS/HTS and the specific nonlinearity of Antiferromagnetic-Superconductor interfaces. Additional deliverables of TTC will be magnetic and superconducting thin film integrated devices suitable for high speed electronics including THz frequency range.