Laboratory of Mafnetic Phenomena in Microelectronics


Head: Doctor of Sciences, Professor Vladimir G. Shavrov, e-mail:    

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Main directions of fundamental researches:

1. Wave processes in magnetic media and structures.

Head: Prof. V.G. Shavrov, PhD V.I.Scheglov.

2. New functional materials with shape memory effect and giant magnetocaloric effect.

Head: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov.

3. Magnetooptics of composite nanomaterials.

Head: PhD V.A.Kotov .


4 . Magnetic sensors.

Head: P.M.Vetoshko.

 Main directions of application and development works:

1. Micro- and nanomechanical tools with shape memory effect for scientific researches, electronics and biomedical technology.

Head: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov,

PhD A.V.Irzhak.

2. Nanostructured nickel-titanium alloy for medicine.

Head: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov,

V.S. Kalashnikov.

3. Dental implants with shape memory effect.

Head: Dr. of Sci. V.V. Koledov,


 Educational activities:

Scientific - Educational Center (SEC) "Magnetoelectronics & Nanophysics"

Head: Prof. V.G.Shavrov.

 Joint laboratories:

1.     Research Laboratory "Physics of Magnetic Phenomena"

Chelyabinsk State University & Kotelnikov IRE RAS.

Co-directors: Prof. V.D. Buchelnikov, Prof. V.G.Shavrov.

2 . Educational Scientific Laboratory "Magnetic Electronics".

Novgorod State University & Kotelnikov IRE RAS.

Co-directors : Prof. M.I. Bichurin , Prof. V.G.Shavrov

Innovation activity:

1. LLC «Innovation Stomatology Center «Nano-Dent», Moscow.

2. LLC "Perspective nanotechnologies", Moscow.

3. «Innowledgement» GmbH , Dortmund, Germany.

since 07.04.2016