Curriculum vitae

Michael Tarasov
in Moscow in 1954,
from Physics Department of Moscow State University in 1977,

Degrees: In 1983 Ph.D degree (candidate of sciences) from IREE, thesis title “Noise in superconducting weak links”, in 1997 the Doctor of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics degree from IREE, thesis title “Noise of superconducting junctions and devices”.

1971-1977 Student of Moscow State University
1977-present: Engineer, junior researcher, senior researcher, leading researcher, deputy chief of the laboratory in the Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences

Since 1991 collaborate with Chalmers University of Technology, working as guest researcher about 6 month each year at Microtechnology Department.

Publications: of over 100 publications in refereed scientific journals and proceedings of international scientific conferences.

The main fields of scientific interests: noise in superconducting junctions and devices, microwave applications of superconducting devices, ultra-low-noise receivers for radio astronomy and ecology, ultra-low-noise dc SQUID RF amplifiers, Hilbert spectroscopy in submm waves, quasioptic low-loss Gaussian beamguides, mm and submm-wave wide-band planar antennas, normal-metal hot electron bolometers, electron cooling.

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