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Head - Prof. V.F. Krapivin, e-mail: vfk@ms.ire.rssi.ru; vfk@mail.cplire.ru

1. Informational technologies in the remote monitoring of environment

  • mathematical modeling of the ecological processes and natural systems;
  • mathematical modeling in studying the environment pollution processes;
  • development of mathematical methods and software for geoinformational monitoring systems;
  • estimation of the environment parameters on the basis of radiophysical monitoring;
  • synthesis of ecological monitoring systems;
  • modeling of global environment changes;
  • development of a new technologies for the data processing;
  • working out the simulation models for identification of environment pollution sources;
  • study of the human activity and environment changes by computer simulation;
  • development of the technology of environmental control in its application to water, air, and land pollution problems;
  • algorithms for the space-time interpolation of satellite data;
  • modernize the GIS-technology to the GIMS-technology;
  • instruction of the students and post-graduate students;
  • reading the lectures on the ecoinformatics problems.

2. Theory-games models in the radiophysics

  • signal recognition under the unremoval information uncertainty;
  • constructive criteria for the realization of statistical decisions

3. Decision making procedures under informational uncertainty

  • signal processing when the volume of experimental data is restricted;
  • decision making in the multi-channel systems at real time;
  • development of sequential analysis

4. The signals coding and decoding

Optimal processing (in the sense of V.A. Kotelnikov) and analogous methods of the reception "as a whole" of the coded phase-manipulated signals in the spaces with the absolute measure are studied. The procedures of code-detection for above signals are modified when there are analogous detection of the contributions of binary codes multiplicative groups and the solution of over-definition systems multiplicative equations with turbided right-hand part.

The investigations are based on the specific characteristics of multipilicative codes, space with absolute measure, and coded phase-manipulated sendings.

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