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The head of laboratory is Prof. Vladimir A. Cherepenin, e-mail: cher@cplire.ru.

The main research field of the laboratory is computer simulation of physics processes in radio science and electronics. At present the following problems are studied most intensively:

1. Relativistic microwave electronics:

development of numerical models for coherent radiation of relativistic electron beams in open and superdimentional electromagnetic structures;
numerical investigation of interaction between electron beams and nonlinear inhomogeneous media;
study of generation of squeezed states of electromagnetic field in free electron lasers.

2. Impedance tomography:

development of new methods for inhomogeneous media investigation;
development of effective algorithms for solving the inverse problems of electromagnetic tomography.

3. Integrability of Hamiltonian systems:

solving of the problem of the additional first integral existence in some classical problems of mechanics.

4. Computational physics laboratory is concerned with organization and development of computer network in the institute. The laboratory includes the Network Operation Centre.


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