Laboratory of atomic-scale low-dimensional structures

Room-temperature STM

At present our UHV equipment consists of two UHV STMs. The first one is a room-temperature STM GPI-300 (atomic resolution on metals) connected with a UHV technological chamber. The chamber is equipped with a sample heater, deposition equipment, tip-clean equipment and a low-temperature 4-probe conduction measurement unit.

Low-temperature 4-probe conduction mesurement unit

The technological chamber of the room-temperature STM GPI-300 is equipped with a home-made four-probe UVH conductance measurement unit based on a closed-circle refrigerator. The unit allows to study the temperature and electric-field variation of surface conduction in situ. The temperature interval is 30-300 K, the vacuum upon cooling is usually better than 10-10 Torr.

Low-temperature SPM

Another piece of our UHV equipment is Omicron Multiprobe LT XP system. It works in both AFM (turning fork) and STM modes. Atomic resolution is obtained in both modes. The temperature interval is 5-300 K, the vacuum in the STM chamber is usually better than 10-10 Torr (typical value 2x10-11 Torr).

Other equipment

Other equipment include furnaces for crystal growth, closed-circle refrigerator with superconducting solenoid (magnetic field up to 7.5 T) various voltmeters, voltage and current sources, nanovoltmeters and electrometers, lock-in amplifiers, monochromarors, cryogenic units for studying of linear and nonlinear conduction in a wide temperature range, frequencies, electric and magnetic fields and under illumination, and Bruker Vertex 70v Fourier spectrometer.

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