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To install the information system, you must have a Web-server running on your PC, e.g., MS Personal Web Server for Windows 95/98 or Windows NT Workstation, or MS Internet Information Server for Windows NT Server.

Download file (1526 kB), decompress it (e.g., using WinZip) to a temporal directory, and run setup.exe. During the installation, agree to the license agreement and specify the directory for the program to be installed (or agree to the default one).

In order to evaluate the system capabilities, we recommend to download several archives, comprising electronic versions of printed books. In these archives, each book page is treated as a separate document. Thus, each document consists of the facsimile picture of a page (scanned image) and its textual content. The system operates with both text and facsimile document versions, or with text content only. Due to Internet throughput and storage limitations, on the Web page we place the following boxes:
  1. R. Lewin. Complexity. Life at the Edge of Chaos (text version 637 Kb, facsimile pages 1263 Kb (whole book 40 Mb)).
  2. F.P. Feynman. Feynman Lectures on Computation (text version 786 Kb, facsimile pages 996 Kb (whole book 32 Mb)).

For convenience, each archive is divided into two ZIP-compressed files, one is the box with the text content, another with facsimile pages. In general, the "Forget-Me-Not" information and navigation system can operate without facsimile pages, however to better estimate the program, we recommend to download them.

Support: e-mail
phone: +7 495 629-7278.

1526 kB
637 kB


786 kB



1263 kB


996 kB

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