The gallery: The Mumbai town.

3.17. And it's my first self-dependent trip to the town. It's about 5 p.m. and I should hurry up, because most shops will be closed at sunset. I take photographs of all around me.


3.19. It's the Asiatic Society, Mumbai State Central Library.

3.20. I go throw the crowd. People sell something. I have bought some tapes and CDs of Pandit Shivkumar Sharma that had played at the concert.

3.21. Now, I should return to the Guest Houses. I take a taxi. After sometime, it turned out that the taxi-driver badly understands English and completely doesn't known, where the destination is. So, the return path was very long and cost me more than 80 Rupees.

3.22. It's a fountain not far from the Guest Houses.

3.27. This is another trip. I and Juergen Stuber decided to visit the city on Sunday. Here is my first photograph: a bull.

3.28. There are many cyclists in the street.

3.29. We are going to visit the Elephanta island. Here are the boats that convey people to the island. Warning: never buy the tourist guides (about the Elephanta island) for 100 Rupees in Mumbai! They cost about 10 Rupees on the island.

3.30. It's so-called Gateway of India. By the way, there is a very good state souvenir shop with this name not far from this place (near Regal Cinema). Don't buy souvenirs in private shops - they are too expensive there. Go to the state shops.


3.32. This is a hotel near the Gateway. There is a jewelry store on the ground floor, when Russians buy gold and gem diamonds. What is the name of the hotel, please?

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