The gallery: The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR) campus.

2.29. It was my childish dream to see how the coconut trees grow. I am happy now: here is the photo of the coco-palm.

2.30. The Tata Institute is situated on the Indian Ocean shore.

2.31. This is Vishnu that guards the Tata Institute. The destination of his arms is the following: The arm number 1 is for blessing; The arm number 2 keeps a wheel weapon that designates the authority above the world; The arm number 3 keeps a conch (a sea shell); The arm number 4 gives a Prasad (the gifts).

2.32. The operating personnel of the Tata Institute. Please inform me what their names are?

2.36. The workplace of Dr. Homi J. Bhabh, the founder and first director of TIFR (1909-1966).

2.37. We have supper. On the photo: Juergen Stuber and Uta Schwertel. The problem is that we have only one chair for all three.

2.38. There are small jungles in the territory of TIFR, on the Ocean shore.

3.04. I like this flowers.

3.06. It's a painting of M.F. Hussain, a well known Indian painter.

3.07. We are in the library. I have discovered that there are mathematical books written in Russian.

3.08. It's the workplace of Shivali Agarwal. She is a TIFR research scholar.

3.09. There are many works of abstract art in TIFR.


3.12. The grass-plot in the TIFR. One can see the edge of the jungles on the right. The Ocean shore is behind me.

3.13. Today it's the Ocean tide. One can see Mumbai city on the horizon.

3.14. Here are my new friends. We are photographed once again.



7.31. It's the Ocean tide at sunset. These nice photos were made by Juergen Stuber.





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