The gallery: Departure. The last photos.

5.02. I leave the Guest Houses right now. There is the photo of the house where I lived.

5.03. Now I go to the domestic airport. These strange lines are a Banyan tree.


5.05. The fishermen live on the coast.


5.07. It's the Indian Ocean coast.



5.12. Probably, it's a Muslim procession.





5.18. I am in the Mumbai domestic airport.

5.19. We are boarding the plane.


5.21. Now I am in a free bus that runs between the domestic and international airports in Delhi. Remember: there is the free bus. You don't need to take a taxi! On my way to Mumbai the taxi-driver has cheated me - I have given him 1200 Rupees (a huge amount for India). The second lie of him was that there is no possibility to exchange money in the domestic airport.

5.22. I buy souvenirs in the international airport. I have spent all the rest of my Rupees in this shop. The same things in the duty free shop not far from here are much more expensive!

5.23. We are boarding the Aeroflot plane. One can see the plane through the window.

5.24. Now I am in the Aeroflot plane. I discovered that I had become estranged from Russian people. The Russian personnel looks a bit strange for me.

5.25. We are landing in Moscow. Taking photos is strongly prohibited and very dangerous in this moment. Some people decided that my camera was a bomb and I was going to crash the plane.

5.27. Now I am in Moscow. My parents meet me.

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