The gallery: Guest Houses.

1.17. It's a small grass-plot in the territory of the Guest Houses.

1.18. It's a view from my room in the Guest Houses. One can see the Indian Ocean shore, the high buildings on the horizon, and some poor hovels not far from the Tata Institute territory.

1.21. It's my bad. While I was taking shower, someone had brought in my room these flowers. It's strange, but I had no allergy to this Jasmine flowers!

1.22. We have breakfast. I have ordered some vegetarian food and juice. (Sorry for the quality of the photo.)

1.23. It's the main entrance of the Guest Houses.

1.33. It's the Banyan tree. It isn't woods, but only one tree!

2.20. There are beautiful shrubberies in the territory of the Guest Houses.

2.21. It's palms.



2.28. There is a place to get some food in the evening. On the photo: Juergen Stuber and Uta Schwertel.

3.23. Here is another photo from the balcony of my room.

3.24. It's a small garden in the front of the main entrance.



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