The gallery: Kanheri Caves.

7.02. There are some photos from Kanheri Caves made by Juergen Stuber.

7.03. Juergen: "It is in the north of Mumbai, about 40 km from TIFR. We went on Sunday before PPSWR and took a local train there and back (boarding the train to go back was an interesting adventure)".



7.06. Juergen: "There were about ninety caves, but most were small and didn't have statues. The pillars and the Buddha on the photos are in the second or third cave. It is the biggest Buddha we saw, normally they were more like relief in the walls, which were usually not high but rather like in normal rooms.

7.07. Alexei: "It was a big surprise for me that Buddhism is an exotic religion in India, as in Moscow. Buddhism is said to be widely spread only in the North India. The main religious in India are Hindu, Jainism, Islam, Christianity. So, I am a bit disappointed.".







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