The gallery: My first impressions of Mumbai.

1.01. We are arriving at the Mumbai domestic airport.



1.04. Well, the taxis in India are black with yellow roof. There is a counter on the taxi (a mechanical, old-fashioned device); the counter is outside the passenger compartment, in front of the windscreen of the car. Check if the counter indicates zero before the start. On the arrival, see the number on the counter. This number is not a price! Ask the taxi-driver to give you a special table explaining dependence between the number on the counter and the price that you should pay. Note, that there are two sections in the table: one for the day, and another for the night. Be careful. Never get taxi without the counter. Check if the taxi-driver understands English and actually knows where the destination is.



1.07. My first impression of Mumbai is huge, monster advertisement hoardings that tower above the poor hovels. It looks like the main goal of the people here is to build an advertisement hoarding and die.


1.09. I have made an attempt to take a photograph of a beautiful white castle on the island. Sorry for the quality of the photo.





1.14. It seems, this crow on the window-frame has asked me to take a photograph of her.


1.16. It's a government department in Mumbai. Mumbai is the economic capital of India.

1.19. I am in the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR). The temperature is about 26-28 Celsius degrees. There are flowers on the tree!

1.20. This is a parrot on the tree. Certainly, this is very exotic thing for a Moscow inhabitant.

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